November 2020

In today’s post, we will be sharing a key part of better understanding your vehicle. The Honda Maintenance Minder is a system of alerts to indicate the services that are due for your car. Sensors located through your vehicle, collect data for notifications, from mileage, engine conditions, and personal driving habits. This is the most efficient way to ensure quality care of your car, as it is personalized to your vehicle and driving habits.

The most common and arguably important use of your Maintenance Minder is keeping up with oil changes. Clean oil keeps the engine running smooth and prevents wear, where old oil can expose your engine to excessive wear or damage. Keeping up to date with all your oil changes will help with your car’s longevity. The Honda Maintenance Minder computes all your vehicle’s data, and gages the oil life percentage on your vehicles instrument display. It is important to note that only Honda Certified oils are to be used in Hondas, using other oils puts you at a higher risk of damaging your engine.

Being able to read these codes allows you to be prepared for other services your car may need. The Maintenance Sub Items are an easy way to find a starting point anytime you bring your car in for an appointment.

We hope this post was a simple way to give you some tools to use as you continue driving your vehicle. As this blog continues, we will be giving you more tips, tricks, and information for your car. Until next time!

Oil LifeMessageWhat To Do
15%Service Due SoonSchedule Service Appointment
5%Service Due NowTake vehicle in for service
0%Service Past DueTake vehicle in for service now
Oil Life Messages
SymbolWhat It Means
AReplace just engine oil
BReplace oil and filters. Also inspect various systems and components (see applicable service manual for details)
Oil Symbols
NumberWhat To Do
1Rotate tires and check tire pressure.
2Replace air cleaner elements, check drive belt, replace dust and pollen filters.
3Replace transmission fluid and transfer fluid (if equipped).
4Replace spark plugs, replace timing belt (if equipped), inspect water pump, and inspect valve clearance.
5Replace engine coolant.
6Replace rear differential fluid (if equipped).
Sub Maintenance Codes

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